I am a Minnesota wedding and portrait photographer. I also write and direct independent films. This means that when you hire me, you hire a photographer who doesn't look for the beauty in ONLY the still and quiet moments, but in the moving and active parts of your life as well. I am also hopelessly nostalgic and a very romantic person. My style captures elegance, history, class and soft intimacy. Allow me to get personal. 

Love, Sarah

i'm so glad you're here!

GOD has given me a wonderful husband and three beautiful children. They inspire me to be a better wife, mother, artist and friend: a better everything, really, and I'm grateful. But most importantly, my family extends to me an enormous amount of grace when I am not any one of those things. This is why I love them.

This is why I need them.

and gifts

with purpose

"I didn't know I could do that!"

I've had a number of my inexperienced actors tell me this. It's one of my favorite things in the world to encourage individuals in both film and portrait photography to try new things, to challenge themselves, and to give others an opportunity to see them differently. It's not about pretending. It's about bringing out from within us the person that likes to hide. Let's share us with people. 

The real us.

you can!

i believe

my favorite era

my favorite children

my favorite person



my favorite music

my favorite movie

my favorite colors

my favorite colors

my favorite movie

my favorite music

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Love, Sarah